About us

Colloquium politicum is a semestrial scientific journal. The studies and articles contained inthe journal have a multidisciplinary approach to political phenomena. Colloquium politicum is not, perse, a journal of politics, but rather a publication that encourages the analysis of political issues seen fromvarious perspectives and fields of study. The politological approchies are obviously not excluded. The colloquium suggested in the title is one gathering specialists from various fields, united by theirinterest in political phenomena. This diversity is reflected by the editorial group structure, the membersof which come from different academic backgrounds: cultural anthropology (Smaranda Vultur), historyand international relations (Vasile Docea), statistics (Robert Reisz). All of them are professors on theUniversiti of the West, Timisoara, Romania. The scientific board also comprises known specialists inseveral Humanities and Social Sciencies fields (cultural anthropology, history, languages and cultures,political science, psychology, sociology), from universities all over the world.Each issue of the journal refers to a distinct political theme. Besides this, every volume contains a solidcritical section (reviews, comments) and a permanent analysis of the communist system section. Beginning with the third volume (2012), Colloquium politicum appears in English.