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The Special Collections Library


This library is situated in the new building of the Central University Library, fourth floor (BIV).

 - Friday: 

0800 -1600
  • Librarians


Special Collections are organized in all libraries that hold patrimonial values.

The collections consist of: old manuscripts of religious and administrative texts, manuscripts of writers’ works, Romanian old books (up to 1830), foreign old books in Latin, German, Magyar, French, Italian, English etc. (up to 1800), Romanian modern books (1831-1918), foreign modern books (1801-1850), autographed books, bibliophile books, editiones principes, Romanian and foreign old periodicals (up to 1918), Romanian inter-war periodicals up to 1947 and foreign inter-war periodicals up to 1945, picture postcards, records, microfilms, engravings, maps, photographs, orders and medals.

Consultation conditions: No item of the Special Collections can be borrowed. It is allowed to consult them only in the reading room of this library.

Access to documents of the Special Collections is allowed to all users having a reader’s card and a consultation request signed by the General Manager of the Library.

Autographed books can be consulted at Special Collections only if the titles requested are the single copies in the Library.

Both when readers get and return documents, the librarian will carefully check, in their presence, each item and will issue the fine papers at once if she sees damages caused to documents by readers.

Readers’ access to the Special Collections documents is limited, as they must be properly stacked as well as handled, to prolong their life as much as possible, after most of them had crossed centuries.

Special Collections, as well as Legal Deposit, are aimed at preserving representative documents of every period of time of the cultural and spiritual human evolution.

Services offered: consultation of collections in the reading room, specialized assistance in using instruments of retrieving information, specialized references, assistance in identifying documents that belong to the Special Collections.

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