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The Orthodox Theology Library


Address: Str. Bogdăneştilor nr. 32A, Timişoara (in the building of the Faculty of Theology, ground floor)

Telephone: 0256-592.974 - Friday: 

0800 -1600
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The Orthodox Theology Library is one of the most recent branch libraries that harmoniously combines tradition and modernity. It managed to get integrated in the information system of the Central University Library of Timişoara and other university libraries in the country, by assimilating the newest methods of information transfer to readers.

From the very beginning, the library enjoyed the support of professors from the Faculty of Theology and especially the assistance offered constantly with great generosity by Father Metropolitan Nicolae Corneanu who donated a valuable collection of books, periodicals, albums as well as electronic equipment.

The collections cover the following study subjects: Biblical and exegetic literature (Biblical study: the Old and the New Testaments, Patrology, Patristics), systematic literature (dogmatics, ethics, apologetics), practical theology (liturgics, pastorals, missiology, homiletics, catechetics, canon law), historical theology (history of the Old and the New Testaments, history of the universal church, history of the Romanian church, ecclesiastical art), reference works (Encyclopedia Britannica, encyclopedic dictionaries, specialty dictionaries, monolingual and multilingual dictionaries, Bible concordances, religious service books, albums, atlases, guides), interdisciplinary studies (philosophy, psychology, history, linguistics, literature, art, music).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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