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Open shelves – self check


Starting from October 1st, 2008, once the new building was inaugurated, the Central University Library „Eugen Todoran“ offers its users large and comfortable reading rooms with open shelves organized by study subjects.

Open shelves are the modern method of displaying the library collections with the purpose of removing barriers imposed to readers and providing free access to shelves where readers can choose by themselves the books they are interested in.


Our Library has open shelves in the following special libraries:

  • The Formal Sciences, 
  • Life and Natural Sciences Library – located in building B first floor, 
  • The Political and Social Sciences Library – located in building B second floor, 
  • The Humanities Library – located in building B third floor, 
  • The Fiction Collections Library – located in building B fourth floor


Call number and document location on the shelf

In these reading rooms, collections are organized by study subjects, by using the systematic – alphabetical coding. The call number has two parts: the class number and the author mark. It has the form of a fraction with the class number as numerator and the author mark as denominator. The call number is to be found on the label on the book spin; in the bibliographic record of the electronic catalogue, in the item description it is mentioned as location on the shelf. For instance, we can see the call number on the book spine: 159.9/D64 displayed in the electronic catalogue as follows: 159.9D64

The document location on the shelf follows the class number first and within it, the author mark:

One of the advantages of open shelves is the fact that the library collections are displayed to be known, consulted and borrowed. Other works of that study field available in these collections can be retrieved in this way.


Open shelves as well as the self check facilities meet the users’ needs, reduce the waiting time and provide a direct and rapid service.

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