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Historical sketch


The University Library of Timişoara was established by a royal decree of December 30th, 1944 signed by King Michael I. At first, collections consisted of books and journals of mathematics and physics, but after 1956, when the Faculty of Letters was founded, the Library got an encyclopedic character and grew richer and richer.

In 1975, the Library was entitled to receive material published in Romania under Legal Deposit.

In 1979, a new building aimed at housing the Library was inaugurated.

In 1992, the University Library of Timişoara became the Central University Library, an institution of national interest, having legal personality and being independent of the university, identical to the Central University Libraries of Bucharest, Iaşi and Cluj. The new status enabled it to become one of the most modern and best equipped academic libraries of Romania.

In 1995, with the support of the Soros Foundation and based on the TiLINE (Timişoara Library Network) project, the Library, along with the Politehnica University Library, purchased the software ALEPH (Automated Library Expandable Program), installed for the first time in our country.

In 1996, the Romanian government approved the extension of the main library building, but the construction started in 1999.

In 1997, the computer network of the Library was connected to the Internet, so that the electronic catalogue was accessible from any part of the world.

Since February 8th, 2000, the Central University Library of Timişoara has been officially bearing the name of Eugen Todoran, the rector of the University who supported it to become Central University Library.

In 2005, the Library adopted ALEPH 500, one of the most successful library sofwares, used both by libraries of famous universities, such as Harvard, MIT, ETH Zürich, Sorbonne, and by national libraries, such as the British Library.

In 2005, the Library catalogue was integrated in the portal ROLiNeST (ROmanian Library Network Science & Technology), along with the other Central University Libraries of Bucharest, Iaşi and Cluj. With over 2 million bibliographic records, it is the largest virtual collective catalogue of Romania.

On October 1st, 2008, the building extension of the Library was inaugurated, a modern edifice, with large comfortable reading rooms, in which collections are displayed on open shelves and organized by study subjects. In the same year, the Library implemented the RFID system (Radio Frequency Identification) in an integrated solution with ALEPH 500. This system allows the protection of the publications, their retrieval and their location on the right shelf, the check out and check in by self-check.

Along with the Central University Libraries of Bucharest, Iaşi and Cluj, the Central University Library „Eugen Todoran“ of Timişoara is a scientific and cultural institution of national interest, having a clear mission and a definite role of constituting, organizing, processing, developing and preserving collections of books, periodicals, articles, electronic publications, as well as of creating the informational environment necessary to the promotion of educational and research activities, confirming the part that book plays in the scientific and cultural life of the academic milieu.

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