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Eugen Todoran – biographical references



Professor Eugen Todoran was born on November 21st, 1928 in the Corneşti village, Mureş county. He was the son of a priest who died one year after his birth. He graduated primary school in Cluj and secondary school in Târgu-Mureş, getting his diploma in 1938.

In 1938-1942 he studied at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of Cluj, which was moved to Sibiu after Romania lost northern Transylvania. He graduated in the history of modern Romanian literature and aesthetics. He collaborated on founding the Literary Circle of Sibiu, that gave birth to a new generation of writers and literary critics, as well as on publishing the journal of the Literary Circle. He graduated the Reserve Officer School of Arad in 1944, he then participated in the war and was even wounded.


In 1945-1956 he worked as a teacher of Romanian language at the Pedagogical School of Cluj, as well as a school inspector. He was an assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Letters of Cluj, the Chair of modern Romanian literature. In 1956, he was invited as a lecturer at the new Faculty of Letters of Timişoara, where he impressed by the high scientific quality of his lectures on literary folklore, history of Romanian literature (the classic period) and literary criticism, as well as by his research in literary history and criticism.

In 1968 he got his doctoral degree at the University of Bucharest. In 1963 he became an assistant professor and in 1969 a professor at the University of Timişoara. He also held administrative offices, as a head of the Chair of Romanian literature, as a dean of the Faculty of Letters and then as a rector of the University. He definitely contributed to the innovation and development of the academic humanities education of Timişoara and he also created a national level university deeply restructured, with numerous and solid international relations.

Professor Eugen Todoran was deeply involved in the scientific and cultural life of the University, of Timişoara and Romania, as an author, as an editor of different books and journals, as a president of literary associations and Romanian language and literature contests, as a member of the Romanian Writers’ Union.

For his scientific work, consisting of 15 books and 216 studies, he was awarded many prizes and diplomas, by the Romanian Writers’ Union, by the Romanian Academy etc.

He suddenly passed away on August 9th, 1997.

Prof. Vasile D. Ţâra

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